If we are managing your property, please do let us know on 020 8876 7880 from 9am wherever possible what the problem is so we have the whole day to be able to call a contractor round.  Wherever possible they will collect keys but there may be times where you will have to be there to let them in.  This is part of a tenants responsibilities.  My office hours are 9am-5pm Mon-Fri and outside of these hours you can call Maintracts services 020 8682 2244 and they have a 24 hours emergency service.  This covers loss of heating, hot water or electricity only.  Anything else can be dealt with during work hours.  If you smell Gas please call Transco: 0800 111 999

If you live in a flat and there is water coming through your ceiling, you MUST go up to that flat – I cannot access a flat I do not manage.

As a tenant, there are still some maintenance issues which are your responsibility.  Such as blocked drains, loos, sinks or baths as 99% of the time the blockage is caused by something.  A good idea to have is – Don’t use the toilet as a dustbin!  Much as things say they are flushable they are not.  Breakfast cereal down the sink is another and hair in the bathroom sinks.

You must be aware that none of your personal belongings are covered by the landlords insurance, only what is on the inventory.  If they are damaged in any way, even if it is not your fault, the landlord has no obligation to repair or replace.  It is a good idea to get your own contents insurance and it does not cost very much.  You can use www.fccparagon.com and give them my agency number, they can help you, or your own bank.

If you lock yourself out, outside of office hours, you are responsible for calling a locksmith and their fees.  Do not call Maintracts or myself in this situation.

You can always email me at: lettings@nicolabennett.com

If there are two locks on your front door, please always use both.  If you do not have enough keys please let me know.  Please do not ever rely on a communal door for security or safety, ultimately it is your responsibility and any insurance you do have will be invalidated if you do not use both locks at all times.

Please so not leave bikes or pushchairs in the communal areas.  They not only invalidate the block insurance as a trip and fire hazard, they can and will be removed and if stolen you are not covered.

Please take all of this in the helpful manner it is intended.  I would not be responsible managing agent if I did not make all tenants aware of their obligations as well as useful numbers and tips.

Tenants Fees