Emergency Contact

EMERGENCY OUTSIDE of working hours please telephone 07792294638


Please note: You should only telephone this number in a genuine emergency, when my office is closed or I am away.  If the problem is not deemed to be an emergency then they will refuse to instruct a contractor to save you incurring a call out charge.  Our out of hours will never send someone out to an appliance outside of working hours or at weekends as this is not deemed an emergency. 

If you have locked yourself out and cannot get hold of me within a reasonable time you must instruct a locksmith to gain access and you are responsible for their costs.


What is an EMERGENCY?

No lights (after you have checked the fuse box/trip switches and contacted your electricity supplier)

No heating or hot water (after you have checked the boiler, timer control, and or immersion heater)

Serious water leaks where the leakage cannot be contained..if the water is coming from the flat above you, you must alert them to this before you contact me as they will have to arrange the repair and access

Damaged caused as a result of break-in which would compromise the security of the property and contents.  You must report such an incident to the police and obtain a crime reference number.

Serious structural damage


Should you smell gas, call the Gas Emergency Service – 0800 111 999